In the beginning…..

We were going on a trip, but everything still seemed the same: 
the nuts on the plane, the soda in the can.
The plan was to go to Iceland, but we hadn’t learned how to pronounce any of the words. 

After that we would go to Stockholm and ride ferries and drink coffee.
But for now we were in Boston. Hot. Not as hot as Granada would be,
so we’d been told. That was the town we were aiming for,
in the south of Spain. It was hot and sticky in New England.
The breeze was warm, a summer breeze.


Hurry Hurry Hurry!  Limited time offer in Lincoln, Massachusetts.

P1000032Only good on August 2nd, 2015!!! Two flintlock muskets for the price of one. Excellent quality. Fine craftsmanship.

Rammer included.

If you buy now receive FREE lessons

from an experienced tavern owner

on how to load, aim, and fire.


 (Stone wall not included).  P1000030

a. & m.

↑←⇒⇓↔COUNTDOWN ⇒↵↔⇓↑

  1.  On your mark……



6 thoughts on “In the beginning…..

  1. How’d this happen? Why’d this happen? Granada! Were we across the channel from you in late August when we were visiting our 8 week-old grand nephew in Oxfordshire in late August? Happy belated January Birthday, Jonah! Happy belated June Birthday, Anya! Happy belated July Birthday, Meredith! Happy belated or future Birthday, Di! (I don’t know when yours is.) Shana Tova! Di, are you a visiting professor or on sabbatical? Anya and Jonah, are you learning continental Spanish and have you already studied Mexican Spanish? If you don’t like the squid, you might want to try the famous anchovies! Meredith, this fabulous adventure is not the one I envisioned for you when listening to Dan Fogelberg and Neil Young, nor when I saved your letters for future publication….I still have them. We will be in SoCal in early May for our LA niece’s wedding. Will you be around? Love to all of you from Sandra and me.


  2. I swear to God I just ate half a pomegranate last night, around 10:00 my time–who knows when your time–strange spongy stuff and all. Who’s dipping whom in the dance lesson? And what happened to the musket guy? Fun, so fun. Thanks.


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