Getting Here

On August 18th we flew from Stockholm to Granada.  At Stockholm City Center, we took the high-speed train to the airport, the Arlanda Express, which topped out at 205 kph (127.3811 mph).  Then, upon changing planes in Madrid, we flew on Iberia Airlines in a CR2 Bombadier jet reaching a maximum speed of 535 kph (332.4435 mph).  From there, D., A. and J. rode on the Autocares Jose Gonzales bus to Plaza Nueva, traveling a good 80 kph (49.709 mph) for much of the journey.  Meanwhile, M. rode with Ricardo, our landlord,  and our luggage, in a  Peugot 107 achieving an ultimate speed of 90 kph (55.924 mph) on the Autovia.  Once in Plaza Nueva, D., A. and J. changed buses to the intercity C1, which brought them into the Albayzin, our new neighorbood.  The C1 purportedly travels at top speeds of 30 kph (18.641 mph).

Our new neighborhood:  the Albaycin

 We are now traveling at a steady 4 kph (2.48548 mph) on foot.


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